Our outsourcing services

Copernico provides a multitude of services for public and private customers

Cleaning/sanitizing/disinfection services of civil, industrial and rolling stock buildings

The activities consist in the ordinary, maintenance and radical cleaning of environments of civil and industrial buildings. Operations are aimed at ensuring maximum comfort and the best cleaning conditions and hygiene of the environment.

Sanitation and disinfection activities are delivered through processes that include the best techniques and equipment, using registered devices, proposing the activation of preparatory procedures for certification by third parties; the sanitization activity is required in the civil, health and industrial sectors.

The cleaning service of buses and rolling stock consists in the cleaning and hygiene of cars/coaches, with the aim of eliminating any crawling insects (bedbugs, fleas, ticks, etc.) and other insects that are annoying or that can potentially be carriers of pathogens.

Management of toilets for a fee

The activity previews the management of the sanitary services mainly in public within with presence to the income of qualified personnel or, alternatively, the presence of automatic devices of payment for the access to the premises finalizing objectives of raising the standard of decorum and minimising acts of vandalism.

Management of accommodation facilities

The management of hotel facilities also provides reception services including all those services attributable to courtesy activities for both hotel facilities and for companies, which intend to outsource the front office, other cleaning services, remaking rooms, bathrooms and environmental remediation (deratization and disinfection and small maintenance).

Parking Management

The service provides access control with presence and guardianship activities and the management of parking areas and urban mobility in general.

Collective catering and company canteens

The collective catering activity as well as that of the management of company canteens can only be separated from a careful evaluation of the purchases of raw materials from primary suppliers able to guarantee the traceability of the production chain, all in compliance with HACCP standards.


The logistics service includes porterage, material handling, arrangement of the same in the warehouses and relative loading on the vehicles. The service includes the following activities: – Loading and unloading of materials – Handling / transport of packages or materials – Clearing of premises: transport and disposal of various types of materials – Removal of furniture and equipment

Green Areas Management

The management of green areas includes, as an indication and not exhaustive, services of care, maintenance and management of public and private green areas through pruning and phytosanitary control, irrigation of hedges, shrubs and trees, leaf harvesting in areas and planters, grass cutting on flower beds.
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