Reports & Complaints


Send reports privately, maintaining a high level of privacy

In order to ensure both company employees and stakeholders the possibility of contributing to the improvement of the Social Responsibility Management System, each worker can make complaints and reports in relation to facts and events of the nature of abuse, offense or illegality that have occurred. in the workplace or related to it and in contrast with the principles of social responsibility of the SA 8000 standard.

Furthermore, COPERNICO establishes, pursuant to the regulatory provisions on the subject of the so-called whistleblowing applicable to it, specific provisions regarding the management of reports of illegal conduct or significant irregularities, in particular, pursuant to the Code of Ethics, the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the supplementary measures of the latter on the prevention of corruption.

The purpose of these reports is to identify and combat possible offenses and spread the culture of ethics and legality within the organization, removing the factors that may represent an obstacle to the achievement of said purpose, guaranteeing the whistleblower the confidentiality of the its identity in all phases of the management of the report and protection against possible retaliation or discriminatory actions implemented by the organization as a result of the report itself.

The company makes available to all interested parties the possibility of making anonymous reports directly on the COMPANY WEB site in the REPORTS area shown below:



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