Our Mission


Copernico scpa has its legal and administrative headquarters in Rome and has been operating since 2017 throughout the country with its executing companies adhering to the consortium reality. Since its entry into the market, it has gradually acquired experience, professionalism and has acquired a substantial technical and cultural heritage within a series of services of which the supply applied to the following types of environment: offices, buses, workshops, barracks, railway stations, hospitals and airport environments. The Consortium is not for profit and its management does not involve the achievement or distribution of profits in any form. Any “profits”, “contingent assets or capital gains” represent a lower operating cost for the Consortium members or an increase in the consortium fund.

Although the main activity is mainly in the field of civil and industrial cleaning, Copernicus is still committed to offer its experience and operations to those companies that have decided to operate, according to the assessment of an economic advantage and to the extent of the eventual realized saving with the outsourcing or the terziarizzazione.

The sectors of future development glimpse in services ranging from catering, logistics and green management, as well as that of auxiliary and maintenance wanting to be increasingly a “quality provider in Total soft Facility Management”.In particular, the services provided consist of cleaning, sanitation and other ancillary activities, such as disinfection and derailment, waste collection and disposal, application of bird bollards, water cleaning and removal of graffiti on facades, porter and porter services, etc…

In recent years, the Consortium has responded dynamically to the pandemic emergency, making available to its customers its expertise and solutions appropriately shared to offer maximum commitment at such a delicate time.

Copernico scpa has adopted the Company Quality System for which it has obtained the relevant certifications from accredited bodies according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, SA8000:2014, UNI ISO 37001:2016, ISO 50001:2018, UNI EN 13549:2003, UNI EN 16363:2015 this means, among other things, that every employee assumes a role of direct co-agent in the management of the company.

With a focus on the environment and sustainability, the consortium has obtained the EMAS, ECOVADIS and ECOLABEL certifications/licenses.


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A Stable Model

The continuous implementation of the adopted system has ensured the achievement of the objectives underlying the certification, namely:

Customer orientation

increasing customer satisfaction with the service provided;

Quality Research

execution of the contractual services in accordance with the operating instructions defined by the Quality Plan of the individual contracts;

Sector Specialists

deep knowledge and application by the personnel assigned to the service of all the operating instructions made available in the plants

Don't stop Innovation

Copernico being a young and flexible company, is constantly looking for new ways to optimize its processes. The cleaning industry is definitely undergoing huge changes.
Innovative cleaning tools and processes are radically changing the way entrepreneurs manage their businesses and the way employees conduct their daily activities; from ecological cleaning and new equipment to social media marketing and automated management, keeping up with the competition means always being aware of the trends of the target market.

The aim of the companies belonging to the Consortium is to obtain – through the acquisition and management of the contracts in associated form – continuity of employment and the best economic conditions, social, professional work activities and implement a partnership with the customer/client to ensure mutual satisfaction.
The Consortium works with a coordination activity between the different subjects and implements processes for the standardization of management and operations methodologies, to encourage the development of the consortia and the territorial realities in which we perform.
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