Management (integrated) Quality Environment and Safety


Management (integrated) Quality Environment and Safety

The essential points of the integrated policy of Quality of the Environment and Safety are essentially based on:

  • compliance with rules and procedures;
  • a systematic approach to eliminate risks at their root and reducing accidents;
  • information and trying to raise awareness and promote the preventive approach;
  • concrete commitment of management to promote a solid culture of Quality, Environment and Safety;
  • continuous improvement of management systems, occupational health and safety standards and environmental impacts;
  • ethical work policy, inclusion and equal opportunities.

Every year the Consortium plans and performs at least one audit at the headquarters of the consortium and in the various shipyards managed by them with the aim of verifying both the managerial and qualitative aspects delivered during the operational phase.
In addition to the function of data collection, the control activity is aimed to report those recommendations and improvement actions to be implemented to remove the findings, thus producing a synergy and a final assessment of the shareholder that points, not only to the continuous improvement, but also to the verification of the conditions of accreditation to the Consortium itself.

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