Copernico has set itself for decades the highest level of quality of its work and has obtained through accredited certification bodies the awards to the Management Systems of Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility according to the specific UNI standards


The quality of our services

Copernico reputation is founded on the principles of excellence in providing customers with high quality services

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

It allows to keep under control the quality level of processes and services and to pursue a continuous improvement of the same level with particular attention to the expectations and needs of the end customer so that they are clearly interpreted and transformed into precise requirements to satisfy.

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

It allows a structured approach to reduce environmental impact.

UNI EN ISO 45001:2018

It is aimed at best preventing and controlling the health and safety risks of workers in relation to strict compliance with the relevant regulations.


Evidences the attention and the engagement of the Consortium in the respect of the human rights and the rights of the workers in close connection with the topic of the solidarity responsibility previewed from law 134/2012 that defines the responsibility of the contractor with the sub-contractor.

UNI ISO 37001:2016

Management system for corruption prevention, identifies a management standard to help the organization in the fight against corruption, establishing a culture of integrity, transparency and compliance.


Management system to create, start, maintain and improve an energy management system.

UNI EN 13549:2003

It is aimed at checking the basic requirements and recommendations for measuring the quality of cleaning services, this procedure is sensitized to the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitizing processes in sensitive environments.


Obtaining requirements for pest management and control (pest management) and the skills that must be possessed by professional service providers in order to protect public health, goods and the environment.
The dissemination of the above certification requirements is also activated for its members through dedicated training and information initiatives.


Sustainability assessment EcoVadis is a service that allows you to assess the impact of the company in terms of sustainability based on concrete data, it aims to improve environmental and social practices by exploiting the influence of global logistics chains.


We respect the environment by using only energy produced from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth, certified by the energy services manager’s “guarantees of origin” system, based on the ec directive 2009/28 / ec.


Certification of conformity of business organization and management models, both in the phase of their adoption and implementation.


Environmental management system to evaluate and improve its environmental performance and provide information on its management. The primary objective of EMAS is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable economic development.

ISO 30415

Our mission and our code of ethics are based on a treatment of fairness, an important lever for internal engagement and for triggering corporate innovation processes. It allows you to implement, evaluate, maintain and improve a framework aimed at guiding and developing business paths from greater inclusiveness and sustainability.


The EU Ecolabel certificate is the European Union’s ecological quality mark (EU Ecolabel) which distinguishes products and services which, while guaranteeing high performance standards, are characterized by a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle

ISO 14067:2018

The Carbon Footprint represents the quantity, expressed in CO2 equivalent, of greenhouse gas emissions generated during the life cycle of a product or service.

The dissemination of the aforementioned certification requirements is also activated among its associates through specific dedicated training and information initiatives.

The Consortium has at heart the issue of the fight against the infiltration of crime and the respect of ethical principles in corporate behavior and with this spirit has obtained from the Guarantor Authority of Competition and Market, the attribution of the Legality Rating with **++.

The Social Responsibility Policy is inspired by the ethical values of Copernico who voluntarily decided to comply with the obligations of the international standard SA8000:2014 and the related measures, recognising its obligations towards all stakeholders operating within and outside the Organisation in the field of respect for human rights, consistent with the criteria relating to the non-employment of child labour or forced and compulsory labour, the maintenance of health and safety conditions at work, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, the absence of discriminatory or coercive/violent practices, the definition of working time and a fair and sufficient remuneration to ensure the subsistence of staff.
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